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Hiroko Koshino Designed Uniform for Gymnasts Unveiled

Photo: asahi.com

20:51, May 11, 2012

The new uniform of the London Olympic Games for the Japan National Gymnasts, Kohei Uchimura (Konami) and others, was unveiled in Sendai city on May 11, 2012.  Hiroko Koshino designed the uniform.  With the Rising Sun at the left side, powerful beauty in energetic feeling of the sun-rise and radiance of the dawn is portrayed.  Rie Tanaka (Nippon Sport Science University) said, “I will perform with energy and power of the sun”.

Photo: joc.or.jp

It was a part of the reconstruction activities in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake by Japan Gymnastic Association.  Joined by Federation Japonaise D’Escrime, the event involves twenty-five athletes including rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline, holding an exchange gathering with the local elementary school students.

Photo: joc.or.jp

Uchimura said, “I was encouraged by the students.  During the last fourteen months since the Earthquake, I’ve never forgotten it.  I would be delighted if you are encouraged and inspired by my performances this summer.”   The students gave the Olympic team a flag of the Rising Sun with collected messages like “Good luck, Japan!”   The team is going to take it to London.

Hiroko Koshino website.