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Updated Aug.4, 2012

Hair Arrangement for Yukata

For Medium Hair: Traditional Beauty with a Side Chignon (Bun)

Make a compact bun lower to feel elegant

Photo: allabout.co.jp

Create a sense of poise with the low-weighted compact form and a sense of cuteness with a fluffy curled chignon.  It is a hair arrangement fulfilling both beauty and cuteness.  As a hair accessory can completely change your impression, when you want to accent cuteness over beauty, decorate with a fancy corsage.

Base Style

Photo: allabout.co.jp

Soft wave with layer-cut
It is a fluffy hair arrangement with gentle waves from a faceline creating tousled softness.  With a heavy silhouette at the tip of the hair and a layer-cut on the surface, it makes a steady form with an airy-fairy look.

Recommended type

Facial form: circle, egg-shaped, long, square, triangle faces
Hair amount: thin, normal, thick hairs
Hair type: soft, normal
Unruly hair: none, a little

How to arrange hair

1. Apply soft wax to your entire hair to make a base that allows you to easily put them together.  Gather them to a bundle on the left hand side and strongly twist the bundle through the tip of the hair.

Photo: allabout.co.jp

2. Ring the twisted hair bundle to form a chignon and fix it with a clip.

Photo: allabout.co.jp

3. Support the clipped bun with bobby pins or U pins by hooking up the hair ends.

Photo: allabout.co.jp

4. While holding the chignon with your hand so that your hair does not collapse too much, draw out a hair bundle on the top.

Photo: allabout.co.jp

Points to make a neat arrangement

The hair arrangement for the yukata can have a more lively look than usual.  The hair top should be drawn up with fingertips to increase height.   The height creates a vivid form, showing the beautiful silhouette.

Side and back of the hair arrangement

Side     Photo: allabout.co.jp

Back     Photo: allabout.co.jp

Hair accessory

Photo: allabout.co.jp

The quiet color makes you look sober with clothe but chic with a simple yukata. A larger clip can make a balance with a voluminous hair, nice for ladies with medium or long hair.

Yukata and Obi

The design of lilac color irises in a white background looks refreshingly cool.  The blue and white obi highlights the simple yukata‘s beauty.  It is an exquisite dressing, only a sophisticated woman can make.