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Photo: SEW

Jul.26, 2012, Mainichi Shimbun Local Edition

Translation of the article

London Olympic Games: Public Art Installation, Colored by a Manufacturer in a Local Town in Japan

A public artwork colored by a titanium surface engineering firm Horie Corporation of Tsubame-city, Niigata prefecture, Japan, was installed near the main stadium of London Olympic Games.  On July 25, Director & President Takuji Horie and the city mayor made a courtesy visit to the governor to demonstrate the work.

The public sculpture was made in the shape of leaves.  Each giant leaf, six meters wide and thirty centimeters thick, is covered with titanium panels colored with Horie’s engineering technology.  One panel consists of 12 to 13 different colors.  A total of 85 leaves are installed along the street from the nearest station to the stadium.

Mr. Horie said, “This art work is fabulously designed taking advantage of titanium’s unique properties and I do hope titanium demand is boosted around the world.”

Photo of the leaves detail