Dog found behind Virgin of the Rocks

Vinceti says ‘indictment against corruption of papacy’

(ANSA) – Rome, March 2 – A top Italian art historian said Thursday that a dog with a lead has been detected behind Leonardo Da Vinci’s famed Virgin of the Rocks in the Louvre.
“That dog is an act of indictment by Leonardo Da Vinci against the corruption of the papacy of the age,” said Silvano Vinceti, the president of the national committee for the valorization of historic heritage.

ANSA – ローマ、3月2日 – 木曜日、イタリア美術史の権威が紐につながれた犬がルーブル美術館所蔵レオナルド・ダビンチ作岩窟の聖母の背景で発見されたと発表した。「この犬は、レオナルド・ダビンチが当時の教皇庁の腐敗を告発したものだ」と、歴史遺産の価格公定に関わる国家委員会の委員長、シルヴァーノ・ヴィンセッティ氏が語った。

Vinceti, who was at the centre of the finding of Caravaggio’s bones at Porto Ercole and the remains of the model for Mona Lisa in Florence in recent years, said the discovery was made by Roberto Biggi, a researcher for the committee.


The dog was detected behind vegetation in the backdrop of the masterpiece. “We achieved this result with a new work (method), via the use of a mix of the most advanced technologies and simple instruments,” he explained.


“A special magnifying glass enabled us to carefully examine every feature of the painting and then an advanced photoshop software enabled us to overlay, decompose and recompose it”.