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An extract from an interview with Yuri Smekalov

「とても素晴らしいですが、ソ連時代に作られたものなので、対立の表現などは時代を反映したものになっています。シェイクスピアの原作はもっと深いニュア ンスがありますが、舞台ではっきり見せていくためにシンプルにしている個所もあります。原作では、墓場でパリスは犠牲にならなければなりませんが、ここで はその場面は描かれません。ソ連時代にロミオはパリスを殺すことが出来なかったんです」


Q: You have choreographed some works.  How do you see the Leonid Lavrovsky version (of Romeo and Juliet) when you perform the ballet?
Smekalov: It is a very gorgeous ballet.  It was made in the Soviet era, so the choreography in the conflict scenes reflects the view of the time.  While the original story by Shakespeare has implication, some dances are made simple to show them clearly on the stage.  Paris lost his life at the crypt in the original book, but the ballet doesn’t present the scene since Romeo could not kill him in the Soviet era.


Alina Somova

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Vladimir Shklyarov

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Maria Shirinkina, Filipp Stepin

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Monique Loudiers and Manuel Legris
Choreography by Rudolf Nureyev

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Alessandra Ferri, Angel Corella
Choreography by Kenneth MacMillan

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