The corps de ballet at the Mariinsky is expected the extremely high standard.  Transcription and images from this YouTube video clip with Japanese translation.



The corps de ballet is the body of the company.  A group of dancers, all dance in sync together, can be very beautiful.


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These ballerinas at the Mariinsky are the latest in a long line of dancers whose knowledge and skills have been passed down through the years.  It’s as if the ballet is in their blood.  The standard expected of them is extremely high and they practice tirelessly to perfect every detail under the watch of strict disciplinarian Makhar Vaziev, Mariinsky’s director of ballet.


“In this type of ballet, the women’s classical corps de ballet is the biggest star in this theater.  We treat it attentively and it has to be a single ensemble.  In this theater, tradition is the most important thing because this is a living process. When you think that it passed on from one pair of legs to another, from hand to hand, from heart to heart, you could say that, from the very first performance, Swan Lake has effectively never left our stage.  All the teachers have passed through the school.  And if we were to lose these transitions, the quality would change and the ballet itself would change.  All the dancers have different abilities and talents, but we have to unify them.  How is it done?  I don’t know.  It’s probably done with one thing.  Work, work, daily work.”

「この種のクラシックバレエでは、女性のコール・ド・バレエがマリインスキーの一番のスターです。私たちは入念に稽古を続け、調和のとれた一つのものにしなければなりません。このバレエ団では、伝統が最も重んじられています。それは、生きているプロセスだからです。足の動き、手のしぐさ、心のもちようが引き継がれてきたことを考えたとき、事実上、白鳥の湖はその初演から、マリインスキーの舞台から消えたことはないと言えるのです。教師は全員同じ学校を卒業しています。このような伝統がなくなってしまったら、質が変わりバレエ自体も変わってしまうでしょう。ダンサーは皆それぞれ独自の技能と才能を持っていますが、それを一つにまとめなければなりません。どうやって? さあ、どうでしょう。恐らくこれに尽きると思います。稽古の上に稽古。日々の稽古です。」

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