Emperor Franz Joseph hair lock was sold at Vienna auction.  Excerpts from BBC article with Japanese translation.



25 April 2013 Last updated at 22:02 GMT

Emperor Franz Joseph hair lock sold at Vienna auction

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Image: dorotheum.com
Emperor Franz Joseph I. of Austria – lock of hair

A lock of hair belonging to the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph has been auctioned in Vienna for 13,720 euros (£11,500) – more than 20 times its estimated value.


The lock, which belonged to the estate of the Emperor’s valet, Eugen Ketterl, had been valued at about 450 euros.


Franz Joseph ruled from 1848 to 1916 and was one of Europe’s longest reigning monarchs.


/…/ the Austrian emperor’s lock fared better than one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s: In 2010, a lock of the French emperor’s hair sold for £8,600 at auction in New Zealand.


The lock of imperial white curled hair was kept in a blue velvet-lined box and had been given to Mr Ketterl along with other of the monarch’s discarded personal effects, as a way of topping up his salary.


Also under the hammer at Thursday’s sale in Vienna’s Dorotheum Auction House were Franz Joseph’s cigar case and a handkerchief, as well as a sketchbook belonging to his son, Crown Prince Rudolf, who was found dead with his lover in 1889.

Image: dorotheum.com
Emperor Franz Joseph I. of Austria – personal cigar holder


Image: dorotheum.com
Crown prince Rudolf – personal sketchbook, ca. 1866/67″