Carlo Crivelli’s paintings from The Demidoff Altarpiece.  Images and tests from The National Gallery of London, with Japanese translation.



Carlo Crivelli, The Virgin and ChildThe Virgin and Child
1476, Carlo Crivelli

1476年 カルロ・クリヴェリ

This picture of the ‘The Virgin and Child’ is the central panel from a large altarpiece made for the high altar of San Domenico in Ascoli Piceno, east central Italy.


It was painted by Carlo Crivelli, a Venetian, who spent most of his career working in the Italian Marches.


In this altarpiece, Crivelli has used three-dimensional elements: glass, beads, carved and gilded wood and even gilded rope. In the flickering candle-light of a church, the effect of these would have been more powerful than in the well-lit gallery.


Crivelli’s work is distinctive for the detail of his settings. The Virgin is seated on a marble step and surrounded by festoons of fruit and a tooled gilded background.


When acquired by the Gallery, the altarpiece had a third tier of smaller saints, now acknowledged as part of a separate polyptych in the same church. The entire complex has been known as the ‘Demidoff Altarpiece’ since it was framed as one polyptych when in Prince Anatole Demidoff’s collection in the 19th century.



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Saint Catherine of Alexandria
1476, Carlo Crivelli

1466年 カルロ・クリヴェリ

This panel showing Saint Catherine of Alexandria is part of the large ‘Demidoff Altarpiece’ made for the high altar of San Domenico in Ascoli Piceno, east central Italy.The 4th century Saint Catherine of Alexandria is shown with a martyr’s palm and her traditional attribute, the spiked wheel on which she was tortured.


Crivelli has used the acute angle of the wheel to show his skill in foreshortening. Catherine herself, with her elegantly elongated hands, is dressed as a noblewoman in a fine lace-edged chemise and robe decorated with gold thread. Crivelli has placed her on a marble step, almost as if she were a statue on a plinth, except that one foot protrudes over the edge as if breaking out into our space.



The Demidoff Altarpiece
1476, Carlo Crivelli

1476年 カルロ・クリヴェリ

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Image: National Gallery
The Demidoff Altarpiece 1476, Carlo Crivelli