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The Raphael’s drawing as well as the Flemish illuminated manuscript will stay in the UK, or not.  Excerpts from Daily Mail and BBC with Japanese translation.

ラファエルの素描画とフランドルの彩飾写本は、英国内に留まるのでしょうか。Daily MailBBCから抜粋と、意訳です。


Text from Daily Mail/Daily Mailより

Race to save £30million Raphael sketch for the nation as government imposes temporary ban on foreign buyer taking it out of the country


By David Wilkes
文)David Wilkes

PUBLISHED: 22:07 GMT, 4 April 2013
UPDATED: 12:11 GMT, 5 April 2013

Image: Daily Mail
Head of a Young Apostle, by Renaissance artist Raphael

A Renaissance drawing that sold at auction for nearly £30million is to be prevented from leaving the UK.


Head of a Young Apostle, by the celebrated Italian artist Raphael, has been in Britain for more than 300 years.


It was part of a private collection at Chatsworth House, the Duke of Devonshire’s stately home  in Derbyshire.


But the 14in by 11in black chalk drawing was sold at Sotheby’s in London in December, with a foreign buyer paying £29.7million – almost three times the estimate and a record for a work on paper. It is the equivalent of nearly £200,000 per square inch.


Yesterday the Government imposed a three-month export ban on the drawing, ruling it to be of outstanding cultural importance. Now it is hoped a British museum or gallery can raise the small fortune needed to save it for the nation.


The work dates from around 1519 and was done as a study for the head of one of the figures in Raphael’s painting Transfiguration, which was left uncompleted when he died in 1520 and which hangs in the Vatican Museum.


Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, who imposed the temporary export ban at the recommendation of the Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art and Objects of Cultural Interest, said: ‘I hope that [this] will allow time for a UK buyer to come forward and secure this magnificent example of Raphael’s work for the nation.’

エド・ヴェイジー文化大臣は、Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art and Objects of Cultural Interest [芸術作品と文化財の輸出に関する審査委員会]の勧告を受け、一時輸出禁止にした。文化大臣は、「これで、英国内で買い手が現れ、このすばらしいラファエロ作品を購入し国内に留めるための時間ができたと期待しています。」と話した。


An application was later made to export the work of art abroad.

[外国人が落札した後、] 芸術作品を海外へ持ち出す申請書が作成された。

But the Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art and Objects of Cultural Interest, an independent body which advises the Culture Minister, said the export decision should be deferred on the grounds of the drawing’s ‘aesthetic importance and outstanding significance for both the study of Raphael and the history of aristocratic collecting of old master drawing in 18th century Britain’.

ところが、文化大臣に提言する独立機関であるExport of Works of Art and Objects of Cultural Interestの諮問委員会は、素描画が「ラファエロ研究、並びに、18世紀英国貴族による巨匠の素描画収集史の双方にとって、美学的重要性と顕著な意義が認められることに鑑み、」輸出の決定を延期すべきであると勧告した。

The export ban on the Raphael could be extended until January if there is a prospect of a British buyer. In the meantime it will remain in specialist storage.


Last year the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford acquired Edouard Manet’s Portrait Of Mademoiselle Claus to prevent it being sold to an overseas buyer for £28.4million.

Image: ashmolean.org
Manet’s Portrait of Mademoiselle Claus


The impressionist masterpiece, painted in 1868, was bought following an eight-month campaign which secured donations from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Art Fund and more than 1,000 individuals.

この1868年に制作された印象派の傑作は、8ヶ月に及ぶ募金運動の末、Heritage Lottery Fund [文化遺産宝くじ基金]、Art Fund [芸術基金]、及び、1000名を超す個人からの寄付金で、国内に留まった。

Offers from public bodies for the Raphael drawing for less than the recommended price through the private treaty sale arrangements may also be considered by Mr Vaizey.


An Arts Council source said: ‘If an institution or organisation in the UK does raise the necessary funds to keep the Raphael painting in the UK, the money will be given to the seller, and not the buyer. This is because the money has yet to be transacted.’


The decision on the export licence will be deferred to July 3 and can be extended to January 3 next year if there is a serious intention to raise the necessary funds.



Excerpts from BBC/BBCより抜粋

A 15th Century manuscript, worth £4m, is also under a temporary export ban.


Image: BBC
Gillion de Trazegnies

The text, Gillion de Trazegnies, tells the story of a crusading knight and is lavishly illustrated. There are thought to be no other copies of it in the UK.


Mr Vaizey said: “This stunning manuscript is an exquisite example of Flemish illumination and it would be wonderful if the extra time granted by the export allows a buyer to come forward and ensure it remains in a UK collection.”




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