This is about a document signed by Richard III.  Excerpts from France 24 with Japanese translation.

リチャード三世の署名入り文書に関する記事です。France 24から抜粋と、訳です。


28 March 2013 – 01H53
2013年3月28日 午前1時53分

Rare British royal’s signature up for auction in US


Image: BBC
The document, signed R. Gloucestre, is thought to date back to about 1473

AFP – A document signed by Britain’s King Richard III will be auctioned in Los Angeles next week, two months after scientists found the ancient royal’s remains under a modern-day car park.

AFP – 英国王リチャード三世の署名入り文書が、来週、ロサンジェルスで競売にかけられる。2ヶ月前には、現在駐車場となっている場所の地下から、研究者がリチャード三世の亡がらを発見したばかりだ。

The document, signed by the British royal before he took the throne, is believed to be one of only three Richard III documents to go under the hammer in the last three decades, said Nate D Sanders auction house.

ネート D サンダースオークションハウスによると、この文書は、リチャード三世が王位に就く前に署名したもので、この30年間でオークションにかけられたリチャード三世の文書は他に2点しかない。

“This document is signed by Richard when he was Duke of Gloucester, a position given to him by his brother, King Edward IV,” said Sanders. “This is especially ironic because it was Edward’s sons that Richard reportedly killed in the Tower of London.”


The signet-sealed document is signed “R. Gloucestre,” and the reference to him as “Constable and Admyral of England” dates it to somewhere between 1473-77, when the British royal was in his 20s, Sanders said.

印章が押印された文書には「R. Gloucestre」の署名があり、「Constable and Admyral of England」という肩書きから、まだ20代だった1473年から1477年の間という年代が特定できると、オークションハウスが説明する。

In the document, Richard intervenes in a land dispute between Ralph Neville, 2nd Earl of Westmorland, and some of his tenants.


At the time Richard was a powerful landowner and political force to be reckoned with in the north of England, in the process of establishing his future reign as King of England.


The document, which will be auctioned next Tuesday, April 2, is estimated to sell for $75,000-$125,000.



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