The Monnaie de Paris creates gold and silver coins celebrating the 850th anniversary of the Notre Dame de Paris.
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The Monnaie de Paris pays tribute to a master piece of the Gothic art period, listed as UNESCO World Heritage, by minting gold and silver coins dedicated to ‘Notre-Dame de Paris’ Cathedral.

Monnaie de Paris(フランス造幣局)は、金貨と銀貨を鋳造して「パリのノートルダム」大聖堂に捧げユネスコ世界遺産に登録されているゴシック美術の傑作をたたえます。

A specific technology has been developed to create a special “stained glass” coin. The € 10 silver coin will be enhanced with cold, translucent enamel, reminiscent of the cathedral’s great rose window.
A one kilogram gold coin will further add to the prestige of this series.


The collection also exists in 4 gold bankbills (€5000, €200, €50, €5) and 2 silver bankbills (€50, €10).

その他にも、4種類の金貨(€5000, €200, €50, €5)と2種類の銀貨(€50, €10)があります。



MONNAIE DE PARIS invites you to discover its last creation. A one kilo coin made of solid gold, minted to 29 copies only.


Obverse Description

The obverse of the coin pays tribute to the architecture of this exceptional cathedral by depicting its most distinguishable features: the gargoyles, the towers and the centre of the rose window. The 850th anniversary of the start of its construction also appears on the obverse, along with the name, “Notre Dame”.


硬貨の表面は、この並外れた大聖堂の建築を讃えて、特徴的な部分である、ガーゴイル、鐘楼、バラ窓の中心部分を表現しています。「Notre Dame[ノートルダム]」の名前と共に、創建から850周年という文字もデザインされています。

Reverse Description

The face value and the UNESCO logo are featured on the reverse.
Observe and reverse gather to represent the heart of the rose window.