New nine bells are on display at Notre Dame de Paris.
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Notre Dame bells newly cast to celebrate cathedral’s 850th anniversary


Nine new bells weighing 23 tons go on display in Notre Dame, Paris, before they are installed in the towers in time for Easter.


By Telegraph reporter and agency in Paris
4:53PM GMT 02 Feb 2013

2013年2月2日 午後4時53分GMT

Nine newly cast bells have gone on display at Notre Dame, the Paris cathedral, weeks before they are hoisted into the two great towers in time for Easter.


The new bells, weighing 23 tons in total and named after saints and prominent Catholics, have been cast to mark the 850th anniversary of the Cathedral’s founding in 1163. They replace bells which had become discordant, and will first be heard as they peal out on March 23, in time for Palm Sunday and Easter week.


Eight of the nine new bells were cast in a foundry in the Normandy town of Villedieu-les-Poeles. The ninth – a “bourdon,” or Great Bell, named Marie – was cast in the Netherlands and then sent to Normandy to join the others.

9基のうち8基は、ノルマンディのVilledieu-les-Poeles [ヴィルデュ=レ=ポエル]の鋳造所で制作された。残る1基マリーという名の「bourdon」または大鐘は、オランダで鋳造され、ノルマンディに送られて他の8基と合流した。

On Thursday they were sent by a slow-moving convoy of flatbed lorries to the French capital.



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January 31, 2013

Image: crédit Vincent M.

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Arrivé à la Porte Maillot vers 15h00, le cortège empruntera les grands axes parisiens :


  1. Porte Maillot ポルト・マイヨ
  2. Avenue de la Grande Armée  グランド・アルメ通り
  3. Place Charles de Gaulle シャルル・ド・ゴール広場
  4. Avenue des Champs Elysées シャンゼリゼ通り
  5. Place de la Concorde コンコルド広場
  6. Quai des Tuileries ケ・デ・チュイルリー通り
  7. Quai François Mitterrand ケ・フランソワ・ミッテラン通り
  8. Quai de la Mégisserie ケ・ド・ラ・メジスリ通り
  9. Quai de Gesvres  ケ・ド・ジェヴル通り
  10. Parvis Notre Dame vers 16h00/16h30. 午後4時から4時半ころに、ノートルダム広場


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