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It is Swan Lake, performed in 2011, posted by ninabejanishvili.



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Interviews of young Alina Somova and her teacher Olga Chenchikova.  Excerpts from this video clip, translated from the Japanese subtitles.

Alina on Swan Lake

It was a privilege for me to perform “Swan Lake” soon after I joined the Mariinskiy Theatre, which meant to me greatly, because it is not so common that a newcomer soon dances such a major role.  Many dancers with more than ten years of experience aren’t provided it.  I was lucky enough to be able to perform the role in my first year with the Theatre.  It is the technique that you need to dance Odile whereas you have to convince audience with internal feelings when it comes to Odette.  You have to perform the spellbound princess well enough that audience feel sympathy for her.  My performance should convey my feelings to them.  I hope audience have an image of me sadly crying.
For this performance, it is essential to show your hands beautifully.  Your hands are supposed to be “swan’s wings”, which is hard on your back.  It isn’t easy to perform the swan without showing the strain.

Olga Chenchikova on Alina

I have been teaching Alina Somova since she joined the Mariinsky Theatre.  I found considerable potential in her with her excellent appearance.  But the school training is not enough to perform ballets.  Dancers need to keep practicing after entering the Theatre.  The artistic director of the Theatre and I made a discussion and decided to have Alina dance small roles at first, including Trio in “La Bayadère” and Fairy in “Don Quixote”.  At the same time, we would provide her solo parts.  One of them was Odette/Odile in “Swan Lake”.  They are the major roles that every young ballerina dreams of, because, in the ballet world, it is considered that the dancer has achieved a top level when she performs these roles.   I recognize Alina’s dedication to ballet.  She is serious and she loves ballet, making every effort.  I hope she will keep this mind all the time, as I would like her to become a top ballerina who doesn’t forget her original intention.