In 2009, Svetlana Zakharova (30) was talking about Giselle, looking back her first performance.
Original English subtitles from Mariinsky YouTube video clip with Japanese translation.

Mariinsky YouTubeビデオから英語の字幕と、和訳です。


Svetlana Zakharova dancing in Giselle

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I consider the Mariinsky Theatre to be my home.  I grew up here… Here is where I was born as a ballerina.  And so I always come here with some element of trepidation, as if coming to my father’s house.  In any case, I don’t feel like a stranger here.


Now she adorns the theaters throughout the world.  She has indeed changed inside.  Here she has dance a Juliet.  She was a very beautiful Juliet.  After Ulanova and Asylmuratova, also my pupil, now we have Sveta.  These two, in my opinion, are the most interesting.  Now I look at her Giselle, which we also did together before.  She was very young still at that time.  We must watch it and see it.


Young Zakharova若いザハロワ

Young Zakharova

I danced my first Giselle when I was really little more than just a girl.  I was 17 years of age.  I danced it here, on this stage, I rehearsed with Olga Moiseyeva.  Of course, the years have passed, my Giselle has changed, and now it is completely different – a different role, a different mood.  But it remains one of my most favorite roles of all, and I always feel some anxiety about it.  It is a very hard ballet, but I love it very much.  It is a very emotional, powerful ballet….


Svetlana Zakharova, Giselle – 2009 Festival of the White Nights

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