Svetlana Zakharova & Andrei Uvarov in Swan Lake


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English subtitles with Japanese translation 英語の字幕と和訳

The performance of Swan Lake as part of the X Mariinsky Ballet Festival has drawn the notice of theatre-goers.


thanks to the names of two stars of Russia’s Bolshoi Theatre -Svetlana Zakharova and Andrei Uvarov.


With regard to Svetlana, she has a special relationship with the Marrinsky Theatre – this is where she emerged as a ballerina:


Today, before the performance my classmates came up to me and said “Sevta, good luck, we’re with you!”


I feel at home here and really miss this theater, this ballet company.


Andrei Uvarov is one of the most called-on dancers both in Russia and and abroad.


He has danced dozens of roles and hundreds of performances.


as well as winning critical acclaim and the delighted admiration of the public.  And still he was nervous before the performance.  Why?


After all, it is a ballet he is familiar with and which he has danced many, many times before:


Today was not a typical performance.  I was performing at the Mariinsky Theatre!


Andrei!  The audience wants you!
We’ll carry on later!


Today’s performance was wonderful one for me.  First, I was performing at the Mariinsky Theatre.  It is always a great responsibility.


I first performed at the Boishoi Theatre in this ballet.  It all began with Swan Lake.  It is one of my favorite ballets.


A dancer is never the same twice on stage.  The more so when he has gained experience.


Over the years I have danced several different versions at different theaters.


Naturally, I have changed and my feelings for this ballet have changed too.


Of course, a great deal depends on the partner you are dancing with.  Today it was a brilliant performance with Svetlana Zakharova.


It was she who asked me to perform at the Mariinsky festival.  I believe it was a good performance.  So many thanks to her.


Swan Lake is a very hard ballet in therms of partnership.  Both technically and emotionally it is important that the partners suit each other.

S 「『白鳥の湖』は、パートナーシップという観点から、とても難しい演目です。テクニックの上からも、感情の面でも、パートナーと相性がいいということが重要なんです。」

And Andrei Uvarov is the best performer of the role of the Prince for me personally.


And so when I was invited to the festival and chose this ballet, I didn’t even think about dancing with anyone else.


I am very grateful to him.


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