A set of initials of Giotto was found during the restoration work in Assisi.
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Assisi fresco restoration ‘proves it was Giotto’


A nearly three year restoration of frescoes in Assisi has unveiled a faint set of initials which could prove once and for all that the paintings were the work of the medieval master Giotto.


Image: The Telegraph
The chapel had been closed for years while the restoration work was carried out Photo: EPA

By Nick Squires, Rome
2:47PM GMT 06 Nov 2012


Experts who worked on the frescoes, which were damaged in an earthquake that hit the Umbrian hill town in 1997, have found the initials “GB” which they believe stand for Giotto di Bondone.


The discovery may lay to rest a debate about who exactly created the stunning work, with some scholars arguing that the frescoes were painted by Giotto’s apprentices rather than the master himself.


The frescoes, depicting Mary and the baby Jesus, St John the Baptist and St Frances, adorn the walls of the Chapel of St Nicholas in the Basilica of St Francis, a place of pilgrimage for centuries.


Image: The Telegraph The chapel had been closed for years while the restoration work was carried out. 修復中は、礼拝堂を閉じていた。

“For many years this chapel was closed (to the public) and used only rarely by the monks,” the chief restorer, Sergio Fusetti, told the Ansa news agency.


“Now the restoration will show the beauty and richness of the frescoes, which were found in poor condition.” The restored frescoes will be officially unveiled on Dec 6 by Lorenzo Ornaghi, the culture minister.


They are believed to have been painted by Giotto early in his career.


“This is one of the first works of his artistic life and is of great importance to reconstruct the chronology of his work and that of his workshop,” said Mr Fusetti.


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Giott ジョット

Giotto, a pioneer of the Renaissance, was born in 1266 or 1267 and died in 1337.


Beyond that, there is very little that is known for certain of his life and works, including whether or not he painted the Assisi frescoes.


In particular, the claim by some art historians that he painted the frescoes in the upper church of the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi has been hotly contested.


The St Nicholas Chapel is part of the lower church of the Basilica of St Francis, a World Heritage-listed monument that was begun in 1228 and which ranks as one of the most important Christian pilgrimage sites.


Image: sanfrancescoassisi.org
Basilica 大聖堂