Botticelli’s Madonna is to be on sale in January 2013.
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A masterpiece by Sandro Botticelli previously owned by the Rockefeller family will be exhibited in Russia


Image: Alessandro Filipepi, called Sandro Botticelli, The Madonna and Child with the Young Saint John the Baptist. Tempera, oil and gold on panel / Photo: Christie’s Images Ltd 2012.

MOSCOW.- Christie’s will present a very special selection of Italian Renaissance masterpieces at its pre-sale preview at the Moscow World Fine Art Fair from 13 to 18 December. A stunning display of works created by the most famous artists of the Florentine and Venetian schools will be on view for the first time in Russia. The overall estimate of the paintings brought to Moscow, is expected to realise in the region of $30 million. Following the Moscow World Fine Art Fair these works will be part of the Renaissance auction to be held in New York, 30 January 2013. Renaissance, a curated sale devoted to the artistic traditions that flourished in Europe from 1300 to 1600, will highlight New York’s Old Masters Week in January 2013.


Amongst the star attractions of the Moscow preview and Renaissance sale is Sandro Botticelli’s Madonna and Child with the Young Saint John the Baptist (illustrated, estimate: $5,000,000-7,000,000). Intended for private devotional use, the work depicts the Virgin and Child with the young Saint John the Baptist, a popular subject in Florence, as he was the patron saint of the city; his presence was likely intended to signal that the patron was a good Florentine patriot. The tender sentiment between mother and child is combined with an allusion to the Resurrection theme, represented by the tomb-like structure, illustrated in a classical relief, just behind the central figures. The diaphanous veil which covers Madonna’s head and shoulders signifies her purity, as this was the traditional head covering of unmarried Florentine women.‪

モスクワの内覧会とルネサンスオークションに出品される傑作の中に、サンドロ・ボッティチェリの「Madonna and Child with the Young Saint John the Baptist (聖母子と少年洗礼者ヨハネ)」(上画像:推定額:500万ドルから700万ドル)がある。私的な礼拝目的で制作され、聖母子と若い洗礼者ヨハネが描かれている。洗礼者ヨハネは、フィレンツェの守護聖人で絵画の主題として人気が高く、恐らく依頼主がフィレンツェの愛国者だということを示唆していると推定されている。中央人物像のすぐ背後に描かれた古代ギリシャ・ローマのレリーフが墓石のような構造物になっており、母と子の優しい感情に「キリスト復活」のテーマを暗示させている。透明なヴェールが聖母の頭と肩を覆い、純潔を表している。これは、フィレンツェで伝統的に未婚の女性が被っていたものだった。

The painting comes to the market with a highly distinguished provenance, having been acquired in the early 1930’s from Lord Duveen by John D. Rockefeller. It remained in the Rockefeller family for some 50 years, and has more recently passed into a private New York collection, though it is still widely referred to as “the Rockefeller Madonna.”

この絵画は、非常に優れた来歴と共に市場に登場した。1930年代初期にドゥヴィーン卿からジョン D・ロックフェラーが買い取った。その後50年ほどロックフェラー家が所有し、最近、ニューヨークの個人収集家の手に渡った。それでも、この絵画は今でも「ロックフェラー家のマドンナ」と広く呼ばれている。

Ronald Lightbown, renowned Botticelli scholar, noted in his 1989 book on the artist “the scene takes place in a loggia whose parapet is formed of a classical relief, executed in gray with highlighting simulated in gold. This is one of the few direct quotations from the antique in Botticelli’s work, and its vigorous rendering of the densely moving forms of ancient relief, shows Botticelli was as sensitive as any of his contemporaries to the character and style of classical sculpture. The landscape is rendered as a bird’s-eye view from the loggia; it is bathed in a gentle sunset light that is very characteristic of this moment in Botticelli’s art of heightened sensibility to the emotive and dramatic suggestiveness of light and darkness.”


Botticelli’s Madonna and Child with the Young Saint John the Baptist has been featured in prominent museum exhibitions, including the important 2004 exhibition Botticelli and Filippino, Passion and Grace in Fifteenth-Century Florentine Painting, held at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence. The upcoming global tour and preview at Christie’s Rockefeller Centre, marks the first major New York exhibition of the painting in more than a dozen years, and its first known viewing within Russia.

ボッティチェリの「聖母子と少年洗礼者ヨハネ」は、著名な美術館の特別展に展示されてきた。2004年には、フィレンツェのストロッツィ宮殿で開催された特別展「Botticelli and Filippino, Passion and Grace in Fifteenth-Century Florentine Painting(ボッティチェリとフィリッピーノ,15世紀フィレンツェ絵画の情熱と優美)」にも登場した。来るグローバルツアーとクリスティーズのロックフェラ−・センターでの内覧会は、十数年ぶりにニューヨークで展示される主要な展覧会で、ロシアでは知られている限り初のお披露目となる。

Nicholas Hall, International Co-Chairman of Old Masters & 19th Century Art, comments: “The Rockefeller Madonna is a rare and important example of Botticelli’s mature style that now holds its rightful place in the canon of the great master’s work thanks to the continued scholarship of leading experts, including Lightbown, Larry Kanter of Yale, and Everett Fahy of New York’s Metropolitan Museum. Christie’s is honored to make ‘Madonna and Child with the Young Saint John the Baptist’ a focal point of our global tour of highlights from January’s Old Master Week sales and give collectors around the world a renewed opportunity to see this beautifully preserved and exquisitely rendered masterpiece.”


Further highlights of the Moscow exhibition include a stunning display of Renaissance masterpieces – The Madonna and Child by Fra Bartolommeo (Florence 1472 –1517), Portrait of Jacopo Boncompagni, three-quarter length, in armor by Scipione Pulzone (Gaeta 1544–1598 Rome), Madonna and Child by Bartolomeo Veneto (active 1502-1531 Turin). Also exhibited is remarkable pair of views of Rome by the great 18th century vedutista, Giovanni Paolo Panini (Piacenza 1691–1765 Rome).

その他にモスクワでは、すばらしいルネサンスの傑作の数々が展示される。フラ・バルトロメオ(フィレンツェ1472 –1517)作「聖母子像」、スキピオーネ・プルツォーネ(ガエータ1544–1598ローマ)作、スリークォーター(斜め向き)で軍服姿の「ジャコポ・ボンコンパーニの肖像」、バルトロメオ・ヴェネト(活動1502-1531トリノ)作「聖母子像」を見ることができる。また、偉大な18世紀風景画家ジョヴァンニ・パオロ・パニーニ(ピアチェンツァ1691–1765ローマ)作のすばらしい2枚のローマの風景画も展示される。