Louvre holds off its renovation project due to finding shortage.
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Louvre Delays Renovations to Overcrowded Entrance Plaza Due to Arts Funding Cuts


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Paris’s Louvre, fresh from completing a massive overhaul and expansion of its Islamic art galleries and opening the €150 million ($196 million) northern outpost Louvre-Lens, has opted to hold off on a four-year, €70-million ($90.1-million) reorganizing of its main entrance and ticket plaza, located beneath I.M. Pei’s largest glass pyramid, citing slashes to arts funding by the French government.


The foot-traffic-choked entrance plaza — which welcomes the museum’s 9-million annual visitors, plus the shoppers bound for the below-ground mall and Apple Store — sees some 50,000 people per day at peak periods like August and the winter holidays, Le Figaro reports.

Image: apple.com/fr
Apple store at Carrousel du Louvre

人ごみでごった返すエントランスプラザは、美術館と一階下のショッピングモールとアップルストアを合わせると、年間900万人の入場者が訪れ、8月や冬場の祝日のようなピーク時には、1日に5万人にも及ぶと、Le Figaroが伝えている。

“At the time of the construction of the Grand Louvre, the government thought that attendance would double after the construction, going up to 4.5-million visitors per year,” Louvre director Hervé Barbaret told Le Figaro. But now attendance has doubled again, and visitors tend to flock towards the same marquee works. “Everybody goes to the same places,” Barbaret said.

「グランド・ルーヴル工事の当時、政府は工事後の入場者数を2倍、年間400万人から500万人と見積もっていました。」と、ルーヴルのダイレクター、エルヴェ・バルバレ氏がLe Figaroに語った。ところが、現在、入館者数はその倍に膨れ上がり、その上、同じ人気の高い作品の方に集まる傾向がある。「みなが同じ場所に向かっています。」とバルバレ氏が話す。

The renovations to the main entryway were to have included easier access to the galleries, new restrooms and coatrooms, and better group accommodations, as well as moving the ticket booths into the space currently occupied by the museum’s bookstore. Most of those projects are on hold right now, while the institution aims to reduce bottle-necking by doing more to promote online ticket sales.


“Little by little, we’ll reach a breaking point,” Barbaret tells Le Figaro. “Even if the tourists feel satisfied with their visit, we know that soon the conditions will not be optimal.”

「少しずつ限界に近づいています。入館者が来館に満足したとしても、混雑状態は直に最適ではなくなると認識しています。」と館長はLe Figaroに語った。

— Benjamin Sutton