Let’s see some correspondence between Marie Antoinette and the Swedish count Axel de Fersen.
Letters from noted websites with Japanese translation.



Who is Axel de Fersen?


Axel de Fersen

“The Swedish count Axel de Fersen is celebrated for the special friendship he cultivated with queen Marie-Antoinette. He also played an eminent political role by distinguishing himself on the battlefield during the American War of Independence and, above all, as an ardent defender of the royal family during the Revolution.”

“The nature of the relationship between the Swedish count and the queen has been much commented on. Historically, their liaison is not certified and this mystery nourishes the legend. Nevertheless, their secret correspondence clearly shows their feelings for each other, as does that between Fersen and his own circle. Fersen wrote to his sister, Sophie Piper: “I’ve taken the decision never to marry. It would be against nature… I cannot belong to the one person whom I would truly wish to be mine… So I do not wish to belong to anybody.”

Image: chateauversailles.fr Axel de Fersen アクセル・フォン・フェルセン





「このスウェーデンの伯爵と王妃の関係の真相についてはいろいろなことが語られてきた。彼らが愛人関係を持っていたことは歴史的には証明されておらず、その 謎が数多くの伝説を 生んできたのだった。しかしながら、彼らの内密の手紙には彼らの感情がはっきりと見られ、伯爵とその身近な人々との書簡にもそれが読み取れた。アクセルは 妹のソフィー・ピパーに宛てた手紙にこう書いている。「一生結婚しないと決めた。それは自然に反することだ…本当に愛している人以外と結ばれることはでき ない…だから誰とも結ばれたくない」」


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Letters 手紙

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Fersen to his Father. The Flight to Varennes. June 23, 1791 Midnight

“It is all over, my dear Father, and I am in despair. The King was arrested at Varennes, sixteen miles from the frontier. Imagine my grief and pity me. M. de Bouille came here to bring me the news. I am continuing my journey at once to hand the letter and orders from the King to Count Mercy in Brussels; these were the King’s instructions.”




Marie Antoinette to Fersen.
After the Royal Family Arrested from the Flight.
The royal family was under serious guarded. 
It was very difficult for Marie Antoinette to communicate with Fersen
June 29, 1791




Du 29 juin 1791 :
J’existe……….que j’ai été inquiète de vous et que je vous plains de tout ce que vous souffrez de n’avoir point de nos nouvelles ! Le ciel permettra que celle-ci vous arrive. Ne m’écrivez pas, ce serait nous exposer, et surtout ne revenez pas ici sous aucun prétexte. On sait que c’est vous qui nous avez sortis d’ici ; tout serait perdu si vous paraissiez ; nous sommes gardés à vue jour et nuit, cela m’est égal………..Soyez tranquille, il ne m’arrivera rien. L’Assemblée veut nous traiter avec douceur. Adieu…………..je ne pourrai plus vous écrire……………..*
(* certains passages ont été effacés ou sont illisibles).

”I am alive……Oh, how anxious I have been for you, and how sorry I am about all you must have suffered in having no news from us. May heaven grant that this letter reaches you. Do not write to me, this would compromise all of us and above all do not return under any circusmstances It is known that it was you who helped us to get away from here and all would be lost if you should show yourself. We are guarded day and night, I do not care…Do not be troubled on my account, nothing will happen to me. The National Assemble will show leniency. Goodbye…I cannot write any more…”

「私は生きています。…… ああ、どんなにあなたのことが心配だったことでしょう。そして、私たちの情報がないことに苦しんでいらっしゃるに違いないあなたを、どんなにお気の毒におもったことでしょう。返事は書かないでください。私たち全員を危険に晒すことになりますから。何よりも、どんなことがあっても、こちらに決して戻らないでください。あなたが私たちの脱出を手助けしたことは知られています。こちらにいらっしゃると、すべてを失ってしまいます。私たちは、1日中監視されています。私は大丈夫です。私のために危険を冒さないでください。私には何も起りません。国民議会は寛大さを示しています。さようなら。… これ以上書くことができません。…」


Fersen to Marie Antoinette. Aachen, June 30, 1791

“The King is very much on your side…Tomorrow I shall go to Brussels and from there to Vienna to wrok for an alliance of all the powers; then I shall return to Brussels…I am well and my whole life is dedicated to your service. Let me know if you wish that action be taken on your behalf.”




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Image: di.ens.fr ““Je vous aimerai jusqu’à la mort” (Marie-Antoinette à Axel de Fersen): Jacques Patarin, Valérie Nachef”
Figure 1 – Extrait d’une lettre de Marie-Antoinette à Fersen sur laquelle nous avons ajouté le texte clair correspondant- 8 Juillet 1791
著者:Jacques Patarin, Valérie Nachef



Image: abebooks.fr: Autograph letter signed, with a single page from his diary. Fersen, Axel count, Swedish Count and Lieutenant General in the Royal Swedish Army (1755-1810).