Agathe de Rambaud was an official nurse of Louis-Charles, Dauphin of France.  It is continued from the post yesterday.
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Agathe de Rambaud‬


Bourbon Restoration

Eventually, her son Auguste resigned from his post in the First French Empire, joined with allied forces loyal to Louis XVII, and reached Compiègne on March 29, 1814. The family joined in the new regime, expecting a return to their previous station. Nevertheless, their expectations quickly disappeared as on September 6, 1815, Agathe obtained only a 1000 franc pension, from the King because of her previous official position as nurse of the Dauphin. Auguste, War Commissioner at Gand, was paid only half-salary. However, at Montfort-l’Amaury Agathe was able to reacquaint herself with Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte of France, Caroline Ferdinande Louise, duchesse de Berry, and Louise-Elisabeth, Marquise de Tourzel.

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Marie Thérèse Charlotte, Madame Royale 1827


When Louis XVIII died, she was received at Court more frequently. Her granddaughter remembered seeing her grandmother talking with the Duchess of Angoulême, during the King’s visit to Naples, in 1827, at the castle, where Charles X, rested his hand upon our heads, asking each of us our age, he chatted a few moments with our grandmother and inquired about her interests.


She was received in Parisian genteel society as well, as a friend of Count Charles d’Hozier, Philippe-Louis-Marc-Antoine de Noailles, 1st duc de Mouchy, and the Duke Sosthene de La Rochefoucauld, who would write:


Madame de Rambaud was a very honourable lady. The persons the present Louis XVII was first interested in… were not able to face the testimony of a very honorable lady, formerly in the service of the Royal Family, and who testified that the person who had been introduced to her was, according to her perfect knowledge, the son of the august Marie- Antoinette.


July Monarch

The July Revolution had no negative consequences upon the life of Agathe de Rambaud. She was able to retain her 1000 franc pension due to her role as the “former lady of the chamber of the Dauphin, son of Louis XVI,” and her daughter-in-law Thérèse Gaudelet de Rambaud, received a 600 franc pension as a “child of the former servants of the House of the King’s children.” However, her son, realizing at Vendôme that his future in the army was nonexistent, left for India and later for Mexico city, where he died in 1834. After his death, Thérèse Gaudelet married the count Amédée d’Allonville, leaving Agathe to raise her grandchildren Ernest, who would study at École Polytechnique, and Ernestine.


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Karl Wilhem Naundorff

As this was happening, Karl Wilhelm Naundorff came into her life, pretending to be the now adult Louis XVII. For over a year, he lived at her home as she questioned him at length, testing him with old keepsakes. Shealso verified his birthmarks which seemed identical to those she noted on the young Dauphin at the request of Marie Antoinette. She fought a long battle to attest to his rights, enduring searches of her home where police seized a number of documents, files, and even presents presented to her from the Royal family.



Agathe de Rambaud would eventually die at Aramon. She lived there for years at the home of her granddaughter’s husband, rue Banasterie à Avignon, by the Palais des Papes.


She was first buried at Aramon, then her body was transferred to the new family tomb at St.Véran in Avignon,. A street in Avignon bears her maiden name of Agathe Rosalie Mottet and she is named among noted persons from Avignon at the town hall.