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This is about an adorable animal couple.
Original text from Huffpost Good News with Japanese translation.

Huffpost Good Newsから原文と,訳です。

‘Animal Odd Couples’ Kate And Pip, Great Dane And Deer, Are Unlikely Friends (VIDEO)

Posted: 11/08/2012 2:53 pm EST Updated: 11/08/2012 2:56 pm EST

「Animal Odd Couples(動物のめずらしい二人組)」ケイトとピップ、グレートデーンと鹿、めずらしい友情ものがたり。


Through the examination of instances of cross-species bonding, “Animal Odd Couples,” a new PBS documentary which premiered Wednesday, Nov. 7, explores the possibility that animals can feel complex emotions.

11月7日水曜日から始まったPBSドキュメンタリー「Animal Odd Couples (動物のめずらしい二人組)」では、異種間のふれあいの事例を検証して、動物が複雑な感情を抱く可能性を探る。

The episode of the popular science series “Nature” taps animal behavior experts, who weigh in with observations about several fascinating relationships. Among those odd couples are Kate and Pip.


Kate, a Great Dane, adopted Pip, a deer, when Pip was abandoned by his mother as a fawn. Since then, the pair has shared a unique relationship, according to Kate’s owner, Isobel Springett.


“When they greet each other, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s not a deer greeting a deer. It’s not a dog greeting a dog. It’s definitely something that they have between the two of them,” Springett told “Nature.”


This footage from the show highlights the unique greetings and affection the pair shows for each other. Fascinating as their relationship may be, it’s incredibly adorable to watch Kate and Pip get along so well.


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