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The Louvre museum seeks help to acquire the national-treasure-class statuetes.
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Louvre seeks $1mn to buy precious 13th-century statuettes


By Pascale Mollard-Chenebenoit (AFP) – 11 hours ago

Image: AFP
Two ivory sculptures are displayed at the Louvre as part of a large fundraising operation called “Tous Mécènes” (AFP, Jacques Demarthon)

PARIS — The Louvre museum in Paris will launch an appeal for a million dollars to help it pay for two medieval ivory statuettes that resurfaced recently, its director said Monday.


Image: tousmecenes.com
“Descent from the Cross” collection

The museum has until January 31 to find 800,000 euros ($1.0 million) to buy the statuettes, director Henri Loyrette told AFP.


Image: tousmecenes.com
“Descent from the Cross” collection

The total price asked by the private owner is 2.6 million euros, of which the Friends of the Louvre Society has raised half, while the art insurer Axa Art is chipping in 500,000 euros.

個人の所有者が提示している総額は260万ユーロで、Friends of the Louvre Society(ルーヴル友の会)がその半額を用意し、美術品保険会社のアクサ・アートが50万ユーロを寄付する。

Image: tousmecenes.com
“Descent from the Cross” collection

The statuettes of Saint John and the “Allegory of the Synagogue” would complete a collection titled “Descent from the Cross”, Loyrette said, adding: “The ensemble is a great masterpiece of French Gothic art.”

2体は、聖ヨハネと「シナゴークのアレゴリー」で、(ルーヴル美術館が所有する)「Descent from the Cross 十字架降架」を構成する小像のグループを完成することができると、ロイエレット館長は話す。「この2体は、フランス・ゴシック美術の最高傑作です。」

Image: tousmecenes.com
“Descent from the Cross” collection

The Louvre has a first option to acquire the statuettes, which are classified as national treasures.


They are some 20 centimetres (eight inches) tall.


Loyrette said the museum had all but given up on finding the two statuettes it needed to complete the “Descent from the Cross” collection.


Image: tousmecenes.com
Saint John and the “Allegory of the Synagogue”

“We were losing hope of finding them. Then one day, a private collector took them out of a bag in my office. He’d come to offer them for sale. It was a revelation,” he said.


The statuettes had been in the private collection of an engineer, whose grandson is offering them for sale.



To see the details of this campaign, click the image below. (To website in French)

Image: tousmecenes.com
“Descent from the Cross” collection to be completed