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YouTube video clips by Chateau Versailles about the Royal Opera Theater, which was restored in 2007 – 2009.
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Histoire de l’Opéra royal de Versailles‬


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The Royal Opera House is currently being resorted. It’s an extraordinary spot at the end of the North Wing.  When it was built, at the end of Louis XV’s reign, it was the largest theatre in France.  The 18th Century was intensely creative.  Gabriel had firsthand accounts of Italian theaters, which inspired the design of this beautiful opera house, probably the first multi-purpose theatre.  It’s not only an Italian theatre, but also a “convertible theatre” which could be transformed into a ballroom.


You can see it on this plan, which is a 19th Century blueprint.  On this drawing, which represents the stage level, you can see the continuation of the stage and backstage, and the auditorium.  In 1957, unfortunately, the technical installations were modernized, which brought about a drastic change.  Here is a plan of the basement level.  The area situated beneath the stage is continous.  But the firewall which was built in 1957 would cut these elements in half, right at this spot.  Everything beyond it was destroyed, while everything on this side was preserved.


You can clearly see in these cross-section drawings – maybe even better on this one – the relation of the stage to the auditorium.  And then, back in 1957, this fire curtain was built, with its metal frame.  The reinforced concrete firewall was here.


Everything that had been in this area was destroyed.  This entire area is currently being meticulously restored according to the original plans.  Though our project started out for safety purposes, it enabled us to rethink the space and rediscover the theatre’s original arrangement.


The theatre will have a double unity: on an exceptional basis, it will be used for events and performances, while on an everyday basis, it will be open to the public.  In addition, we hope to obtain a collection of 18th Century stage decor models, some created for Versailles.  This collection was at Chambord for many years, but in fact it belongs to the State.


Restoration of the Royal Opera Theater

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November 2011, Marie-Antoinette with Viena Opera Ballet at the Royal Opera of Versailles.

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