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This is about a Mariinsky dancer, Vladimir Shklyarov, an excerpts from an article “Alina Somova: dancer or circus pony?” in the Telegraph in 2009 and a blog by Tonya Plank. Original English text from The Telegraph and the blog with Japanese translation.

マリインスキーバレエ団のプリンシパルダンサー、ウラジミール・シクリャーロフに関する2009年の記事の抜粋です。The TelegraphとTonya Plankさんのブログから英語の原文と、訳です。


By Ismene Brown
9:25AM BST 03 Aug 2009


An excerpt from “Alina Somova: dancer or circus pony?” 「

Image: mariinsky.ru
Vladimir Shklyarov

Somova’s shooting star contrasts with the steadier rise of 24-year-old Vladimir Shklyarov, who shares the opening-night honours with her.


At the Mariinsky he stands out in the 10am class not just for his high carefree leaps and instinctively graceful carriage, but for his ferocious concentration.


Afterwards, he says he has forced himself to take the daily repetitions seriously: “It’s the beginning of my working day; the whole day will depend upon the way I prepare my body in the class.” The Mariinsky theatre is a combination of lethal jungle, survival course and political minefield, where to come out on top takes more than just shining artistic talent. Under the previous director Makhar Vaziev, Shklyarov struggled to survive his first years: “It was up one night, down in the corps the next, you never knew why.” But in the past two years, he has become the Mariinsky’s new man to watch.


He is less slash-and-burn than Somova about past dancers: he avidly searches out treasured snippets of past dancers on YouTube. He says that even though repeated watching underlines even great icons’ flaws, “you also can analyse little professional things that people do which suddenly fire the show – I think of Igor Zelensky, Faroukh Ruzimatov, Vladimir Malakhov, the Cojocaru/Kobborg partnership. Plus, of course, our grand heroes, Nureyev and Baryshnikov. They may belong to the history of ballet… but we can still learn a lot from them, their attitude to work, their intense effort to find out new things.”


I ask Shklyarov when he first took ballet seriously – not until he joined the company and actually performed, he replies. What if he hadn’t got in? “I’d have killed myself,” he says. “Only kidding. Of course, I have a lot of other interests, but I think I would have just vanished in any other life.”



Tonya Plank Award-Winning Author/Dance Blogger
受賞作家/ダンス・ブロガー トニヤ・プランク

An excerpt from Vladimir Shklyarov: the Marcelo Gomes of the Mariinsky?

Posted on July 17, 2011 by Tonya 文:Tonya 2011年7月17日 I didn’t actually go to the Friday night performance. I watched the David Michalek slow motion films out on Lincoln Center Plaza (more about that later). But I’d planned to meet ballet-goer friends anyway for late dinner. At the stage door, several of the dancers came out – including our Diana Vishneva, who danced Carmen that night – but everyone (a mix of women, men and teenagers of both sexes) seemed to be waiting for someone in particular. Finally, at the tail end of the string of exiting dancers, he arrived. Vladimir Shklyarov. I knew he was the one everyone was waiting for by the outburst of giggles was followed by a mob-like rushing of the poor guy. Since I hadn’t gone to the performance, I wondered what was so great about him. He seemed like an ordinary guy. He seemed very American. He was wearing his hair in that kind of mussed-up style that is trendy here right now. And he was wearing American style jeans with the low-pockets, suede loafers, and a button-up shirt with the collar up at the top, preppy-like. And when he spoke (at least as much as I heard him),  he seemed to have only a trace of a Russian accent. Seemed like a very nice guy.

Image: tonyaplank.com
Vladimir Shklyarov at the stage door


The next night I saw him in Balanchine’s Symphony in C, and immediately understood why everyone was going to gaga over him the night before. He only had a small part in the third movement but he stood out so much, he really made that ballet. His jumps are enormous and, more, his personality – that endearing combination of cocky and charming- really shone through, even in the mere ten minutes I saw him dance. How much did I wish I’d seen more of his while the Mariinsky was here??? Well, I’ll know for next time…

次の夜、バランシンの「Symphony in C」でシクリャーロフの踊りを見て、即座に、前の晩に皆が熱狂的になっていた理由が飲み込めた。第3幕で小さな役しか出演していなかったが、とても目を引いていて、バレエ公演を引き立てていた。ジャンプはとても高く、それにもまして、私が見たわずか10分間でさえ、気取っていながら魅力的な人間性が輝いていた。今回のマリインスキー・ニューヨーク公演でもっとシクリャーロフを見ていたら。。。まあ、次回を楽しみにしよう。


Carnaval (シューマンの謝肉祭):オブラスツォーワ、シクリャーロフ <Uploaded by on Sep 9, 2009> ジゼル:セミオノワ、シクリャーロフ Ewaasia on Aug 10, 2010> イワンと仔馬(インタビュー):ソーモワ、シクリャーロフ MariinskyEn on May 21, 2009> バルコニーの場(抜粋):ザハロワ、シクリャーロフ

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My most favourite and the most dearest Juliet to my heart is, of course, Masha.

Russian TV feature of Vladimir and Masha (part 2) 💖🌟💑 – English translation: "Vladimir: My most favourite and the most dearest Juliet to my heart is, of course, Masha. At the time when we were not together, Masha was given this performance, a première, and I was her Romeo. Since that moment, a spark has flown and it has remained with us ever since. I want to say that the correct belief is absolutely that it is a family duet. On the one hand, it is very good and on the other hand, when we don't dance together, there are no serious disagreements between us. When everything turns out as what we want to make on stage, we embody it; we have full satisfaction after a performance." – @vladimir_shklyarov @masha_shk #Ballet #VladimirShklyarov #MariaShirinkina #MariaShklyarova #RomeoandJuliet #SergeiProkofiev #LeonidLavrovsky #Mariinsky #RoméoetJuliette #Балет #ВладимирШкляров #МарияШиринкина #МарияШклярова #РомеоиДжульетта #Мариинский

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He met his own Juliet – Maria Shirinkina.

Russian TV feature of Vladimir and Masha (part 1) 💞🌟💑 – English translation by @olesya_shilko: "His (Vladimir's) most favourite – "Romeo and Juliet". Not so long ago, this ballet decided the destiny of the dancer. He met his own Juliet – Maria Shirinkina. Masha: The head of our family is, of course, Volodya. I don't apply for this role; I entirely concede to him. My role is to keep the cosiness of our house so that he would always want to come back home with pleasure. And it's the same during rehearsals. Due to his experience, he always leads our couple. I am learning something from him and trying my best not to make him bored." – @vladimir_shklyarov @masha_shk #Ballet #VladimirShklyarov #MariaShirinkina #MariaShklyarova #RomeoandJuliet #SergeiProkofiev #LeonidLavrovsky #Mariinsky #RoméoetJuliette #Балет #ВладимирШкляров #МарияШиринкина #МарияШклярова #РомеоиДжульетта #Мариинский

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Russian TV feature of Vladimir and Masha (part 3) 💗🌟💑👪 – English translation: "Masha: Our son was born on the 7th February on the eve of his father's 30th birthday; Volodya's birthday is the 9th February. Everything has changed because when there was a third person, all our attention was only for him. But since I have returned to the theatre, I have understood that forces became much more. Vladimir: Masha is the hero for me. She spends much time at home with Alexey and we have decided that parents have to bring up their child, so therefore, our beloved profession, the ballet, passes into the background. I consider family to be the centre of life. Many cheerful things have happened on stage, but what will remain in memory forever is that gift, which was given to me by Masha for my 30th year, the birth of our child." – @vladimir_shklyarov @masha_shk #Ballet #VladimirShklyarov #MariaShirinkina #MariaShklyarova #RomeoandJuliet #SergeiProkofiev #LeonidLavrovsky #Mariinsky #RoméoetJuliette #Балет #ВладимирШкляров #МарияШиринкина #МарияШклярова #РомеоиДжульетта #Мариинский

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