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Reconstructed brick architectures of the end of 19th century in Marunouchi, Tokyo.



The Mitsubishi Ichigokan


Image: mitsubishi-ichigokan.jp/

“The first Western-style office building in Tokyo’s Marunouchi district, makes use of the Queen Anne style of architecture that was popular in England in the late 19th century.” Read more.


Café 1894
Once a banking office, faithfully reconstructed for a museum cafe.

Café 1894

Cafe 1894

Cafe 1894




Brick building of Tokyo Station.

It has been under construction since 2007 and will open in October.

Tokyo Station, Marunouchi side, September 20, 2012


image: npb.go.jp



Image: kajime.co.jp

「1914年(大正3年)に創建された東京駅丸の内駅舎は、辰野金吾により設計され、その堂々たる姿で、多くの人々に愛されてきました。しかし、1945年 (昭和20年)、戦災により南北のドームと屋根・内装を焼失。戦後、3階建ての駅舎を2階建て駅舎に復興し、現在の姿になりました。
この度の「保存・復原工事」では、外観を創建時の姿に忠実に再現するのはもちろんのこと、さらに、未来へ継承するため、鉄骨煉瓦造の下に地下躯体を新設 し、機能拡大の工事を行います。そして、巨大地震にも耐えうる建築とするため、「免震工法」で施工します。」

Image: kajima.co.jp

*Brown: restored
*White: preserved
*Red: seismic isolation layer
*Blue: added

Translation from Kajima website

Restoration and Preservation of Tokyo Station, Marunouchi Building

Image: kajima.co.jp

The Tokyo station Marunouchi building, designed by architect Kingo Tatsuno, opened in 1914, attracting many people with its majestic figure.  However, in 1945, its domes in north and south, roof and interior decorating was destroyed by the bombardment.  After the war, the three-story-building was restored into the two-story station, remaining until 2007.  In this “preservation and restoration project”, the original appearance is faithfully restored as well as functional extension is made including new building frame under the steel-frame brick building to inherit this historic value to the future.  The seismic isolation method is used to allow the building to withstand a giant earthquake.

Image: kajima.co.jp
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