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I found these pretty and wise packed lunch.  Let’s have a look at them.  Japanese original texts from Nikkei Woman website with English translation.





Working Woman’s Real Lunch

Animal Lunch Stimulates Conversation in Break Room

Image: Nikkei Woman

読者640人へのアンケートによれば、自炊の回数は平均週4.6回、食費の節約を意識している人は68%!節約のため、会社にお弁当を持っていくという人 も増えています。その中でも特に目を引いたのが、向井香織さん(38歳・フェヴリナ・マーケティング部)の、動物をあしらったこのお弁当!サルやクマの顔 をしたおにぎりに、卵からはヒヨコが顔をのぞかせています!

According to a survey conducted with 640 readers, they cook for themselves 4.6 times per week on average, and 68 percent of them are aware of the food cost saving.  Increasing number of women make a packed lunch to take to their office for economic reasons.  Here are an eye-catching boxed lunch with cute animals made by Kaori Mukai (38), Marketing Department, Favorina Co.ltd.  It features rice balls of monkeys and bears with baby chicks peeking out from an egg.

「お弁当名は『バランス女子弁当』。私の部署では、女性社員同士が交代でお弁当を作りあっています。 社内の休憩室でわいわいと、ゆっくりおしゃべりしたい時にぴったりです」

“This packed lunch is called ‘Balanced Girl’s Lunch’.  In my office, woman employees make lunch in rotation.  It just fits the lunch time where we can relax and enjoy a long talk in our break room.” said Ms.Mukai.

気になるのは、その作り方。「ヒヨコはうずらの卵をゆでて殻をむき、包丁で切り込みを入れて、白身を帽子のようにずらします。目は黒ゴマ、口はハ ムを三角に切ったものを貼りつけました。動物の顔をしたおにぎりは、ご飯をハンバーグのような形に成形し、周りに海苔を貼りつけます。クマの口元とサルの 耳はチーズ、ほっぺはハム。実はこのおにぎりは二層になっていて、間には鮭が入っているんですよ!」(向井さん)。

How to make them?  “For the baby chick, I peel the shell of boiled quail egg, make  cuts around the egg white with a kitchen knife and slide the white to look like a cap.  I put black sesame as eyes and a triangular-cut ham as a beak.  For the animal rice balls, I shape the steamed rice into a hamburger and put a dried seaweeds around them.  The mouth of a bear and the ears of the monkey are made of cheese and their cheeks are made of ham.  These rise balls actually consists of two layers with cooked salmon between them,” Ms. Mukai said.


She said that she paid great attention to the ingredients.  “As my company deals with cosmetics like a carbonation facial mask, I care about “beauty and health” in making packed lunch, and I don’t use frozen food as much as possible.  I add a sufficient amount of vegetables.  The point is that I think about not only their colorful appearance but also nutritional balance.”


Those fruits are not for a dessert but for an appetizer.  “It is good for our beauty to eat fresh fruits first.  They contain plenty of enzymes that help digest food.  I take in this advantage.”