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This is an article about a principal dancer, Yekaterina Kondaurova posted in the Japanese magazine DANZA volume 40.  The Mariinsky Theatre Ballet will perform in Japan in November to early December 2012.  English translation from the Japanese article.



At Mariinsky Ballet, a Queen in the New Era

Yekaterina Kondaurova

Image: DANZA magazine

Like a young white birch, she has the quality of  delicacy as well as the robust energy of the earth.  Now we will see Yekaterina Kondaurova, sparkling with quality and fully fluttering on the stage.

Her graceful movement attracted the eye even from far away

Kondaurova’s fans must be keen lovers of the St. Petersburg ballet.  Using every part of the body, she dances with sensitivity to fine details, which is certainly the result of her training in the Vaganova Ballet Academy.  The tall Kondaurova has brilliantly performed the swan in Swan Lake from early on.  Before that, she had danced in a corp de ballet for some time.   Even then, she was easily spotted in the crowd with her gently grand and graceful movements.

A growing star

It was in 2009 when the Mariinsky Ballet came to Japan that we saw Kondaurova playing the title role.  She performed Oddette and Odiel with the tall Danila Korsuntsev in Yokohama.  At her first appearance on stage, she neatly danced defensive Oddette, then, after staring into prince’s eyes, she gradually relaxed her guard.  In the next adagio with the prince,  Kondaurova’s face brightened and she danced with warmth, explicitly portraying heart-to-heart communication with him.

She will certainly perform outstandingly in Japan this autumn

Kondaurova was truly born to be the St. Petersburg swan, yet,  in fact, she is acclaimed for her performances of the main role of Anna Karenina and modern repertoires in Russia.  In this autumn performance in Japan, she is playing Gamzatti in La Bayadere, which has been drawning attention.  Gamzatti is a main role next to the principal Nikiya, competing for the love of a man.  It is intriguing to see the scene where they reveal emotions not by dancing but miming.  Of course, we can enjoy her noble dance in the fully fledged pas de deux.   We are looking forward to being fascinated by Kondaurova exerting her quality in this dramatic role as well.


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Photos from Japan Arts website

Swan Lake in Tokyo, Nov. 2012

Curtain call丁寧にカーテンコールに応えるコンダウーロワ!

Curtain call

Sverev, Kondaurova, Kolbズヴェレ、コンダウーロワ、フコールプ

Sverev, Kondaurova, Kolb

Successful grand fouettéフェッテが決まった瞬間!

Successful grand fouetté


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