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This is a part of Madame Royale’s memoire about her brother who was “borne away to return no more”.  It starts from the last paragraph on the page six of  the book “Madame Royale” by Ernest Daudet.  Original English text with Japanese translation.

Ernest Daudet著「マダム・ロワイヤル」6ページ最後の段落。王女の手記から弟ルイ・シャルルが家族から引き離される部分です。英語の原文と和訳です。


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These few lines vibrate with the very heart-beats of Madame Royale: they are instinct with her filial love and sorrow.  They show, too, the spirit of forgiveness that she inherited from her parents, a spirit of which her father had lately given her an example, and by which she was inspired on the day of her release, when she wrote on the wall of the prisons she was leaving these magnanimous words;  “May God forgive those who put my kinsfolk to death!”


The trial she endured on the 21st January was terrible indeed.  Bu it was to be  followed by others.


“On the 3rd July, at ten o’clock in the evening,” she writes, “they read to us a decree passed by the Convention, to the effect that my brother should be separate from my mother and placed in the most secure room of the tower.  The moment my brother heard this order he burst out into piercing cries and flung himself into my mother’s arms, begging not to be parted from her.  To my mother, too, this cruel order came as a shock : she refused to give up my brother, and defended his bed against the municipal officers.  They insisted on having him, and threatened to employ violence and call up the guard to take him away by force.  AN hour was spent in parleying; in insults and threats on the part of the municipal officers; in resistance and tears on the part of us all.  At last my mother consented to give up her son: we took him from his bed, and after he had been dressed my mother handed him over to the municipal officers, bathing him with her tears as though she foresaw the future, and knew that she would never see him again.  The poor little thing kissed us all very tenderly, and went away in teas with the men.”  It is hard to picture a more atrocious scene.  A child of seven torn from his mother, dragged from his bed, and borne away to return no more!


The broken-hearted  Queen still hoped that she might be allowed to see her son again.  This favor was refused.  It was refused not only to the mother, but also to the sister and aunt; and the only consolation of the three unhappy women was to sit for hours at a time before a little window, waiting for the chance of seeing for a moment the beloved child of whom they could obtain no other news.
This parting took place on the 3rd July.