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The second half of Preface of the book “Madame Royale” by Ernest Daudet.  Original English text with Japanese translation.

Ernest Daudet著「マダム・ロワイヤル」の前書き後半。英語の原文と和訳。


上:ド・スーシ夫人とタンプル塔を出るマダム・ロワイヤル(カルナバレ博物館) 下:フランスの捕虜と交換されるマダム・ロワイヤル(国立図書館) 画像:Internet Archive

A short time before Madame Royale’s arrival in the Austrian capital he had settled there, by Louis XVIII’s command, to represent the King at the Imperial Court.  It therefore devolved upon him to act as an intermediary between the King and his niece.  Their correspondence passed through his hands; he was deputed to see that the young princess did not allow herself to be influenced by those among whom she lived, and to remind her constantly that her duty and her parents’ wishes demanded that she should in every respect share her uncle’s opinions, and should marry her cousin the Duc d’Angouleme.  It was through La Fare, too, that she received the letters that came to her from every country that harboured emigres.


The Bishop of Nancy’s memories of this period of Madame Royale’s life are to a certain extent embodied, day by day, in his correspondence, which constituters a valuable authority on the subject.  While writing my Histoire de l’Emigration I found several extracts from it among the King’s papers; but on re-reading it, in the rough draft kept by La Fare in his note-books, I discovered various details that had previously escaped me, and these I now present to my readers.  That I am able to do so I owe to the kindness of those who gave me access to the correspondence in question, and I hope they will accept my sincere and grateful thanks.

マダム・ロワイヤルが生きていた時代のナンシー司教ラ・ファレの思い出は、ある程度、その書簡に日々収録されていて、この主題において価値ある出典となった。私の著書「Histoire de l’Emigration」を執筆中に、国王の書簡からいくつか引用したが、ラ・ファーレがメモに残した大まかな原稿の中に、それまで見逃していた様々な詳細情報があり、今回読者に提供する運びとなった。このようなことが可能になったのは、関係書簡を見せてくださった方々のご厚情の賜物であり、深く感謝する次第である。

My thanks are also due to the publishers of this work, for their willing concurrence in my project, which dates from the day when M. le duc de Blacas most kindly placed the archives of Louis XVIII, and the letters of Madame Royale, at my disposal.  It was through their efforts that the illustrations adorning this book were collected, and reproduced so artistically that the appearance of the volume is worthy of the princess whose sorrows I have told.


E. D.