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This is an old book “Madam Royal” from the French of Ernest Daudet by Mrs. Rodolph Stawell.  Original English text with Japanese translation.

これは、フランス人ジャーナリスト兼著述家のErnest Daudet(1837-1921)著、Mrs. Rodolph Stawell訳の「マダム・ロワイヤル」です。英語の原文と和訳です。


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First half of Preface


In my Histoire de l’Emigration I have given a very detailed account of the varied experiences of Madame Royale, daughter of XVI and Marie-Antoinette, and afterwards Duchesse d’Angoulem, from the day that she was condemned to share her parents’ lot and to be imprisoned with them in the Temple Tower until her marriage with her cousin, the son of the Comte d’Artoir.  But, owing to the force of circumstances and to the necessity of preserving the correct chronological order, I was obliged to scatter these alternately pleasing and heartrending details through the long epic of the Emigration.  It seemed to me that they deserved to be offered to the public in a more coherent form.


私の著書「Histoire de l’Emigration (亡命貴族物語)」には、国王ルイ16世とマリー・アントワネットの娘、マダム・ロワイヤル、後のアングレーム公爵夫人の変化に富んだ体験を、両親と同じ運命を余儀なくされ、タンプル塔に幽閉された日から、従兄でアルトワ伯爵の子息と結婚するまでを、詳細に記述している。ところが、諸般の事情と正しい年代を追う必要性から、時に楽しく時には胸張り裂けるような物語を、長編のEmigrationの中で、あちらこちら散りばめざるを得なくなった。私にはこのような物語は、より整った形で読者に提供するほうがふさわしいように思えた。

WIth that object I have detached them from the general history in which they appeared rather lost, and have gathered them together in a single picture, which will give the reader a better view of my heroine, and enable me to show her in a more brilliant light, in her struggle with the misfortunes that clouded her whole life.  The story that will be read in these pages, therefore is really one that has already been told.


At the same time I must observe that it will be found to contain a number of fresh details that do not figure in my earlier work, notably some connected with Madame Royale’s imprisonment.  On the other hand, thanks to the papers of M. de la Fare, Bishop of Nancy, which were generously placed at my disposal by the family in whose possession they are, I have been able to complete my narrative, with the help of the information contained in that prelate’s letters.