Junko Shimada: Paris is My Atelier

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Translation of the article

Antique colors my life

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Looking for something shining among odds and ends.  A little strange item is also my favorite.

I think my fondness of old things was influenced by my father who was a collector of antiques.   I find it interesting something created in a small portion or one of a kind.  I enjoy discovering an antique item shining among odds and ends in a flea market or a small shop, rather than luxury goods.

It is an antique shop “Entrez Sans Frapper” in 7 district in Paris where I can hunt a treasure on messy store shelves.  You can find refined but a little bit strange items like objets, cups and lamps, imported mainly from Belgium and the Netherlands, at a reasonable price.  As a selection of goods is my favorite, I often visit this shop.

I sometimes go to a large auction market where I get unpopular inexpensive items.  The console made of a reindeer’s horn at home in Paris suburb was left behind the auction and I accepted to get it (smile).  Or  I changed the distasteful seat cover of a chair which was also unsold.  With your idea, inexpensive furniture can transform into a lovely item.

I can buy antique items at a reasonable price as a result that I have watched many quality items, developing an eye for antiques and adding to my experience.  Also I think I can renovate furniture nicely thanks to my profession as a designer to engage in creativity.