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This is a video clip from Open Culture website regarding a study about an urban landscape.  Original English caption with Japanese translation.

Open Cultureウェブサイトから、都市景観の研究のビデオです。パリをパリたらしめているのは何かを探っています。窓やバルコニーなど、なるほど。。。と気づかされます。(ビデオを見て、何となく、わかったような気になっています。。。)英文キャプション(原文)とその訳です。

What makes Paris look like Paris?   What Makes Paris Look Like Paris? A Creative Use of Google Street View


in Google, Technology | August 14th, 2012
グーグル、テクノロジー 2012年8月14日

You know the architecture of Paris when you see it. But what makes Parisian architecture distinctive? What visual elements come together to produce a particular urban landscape? Five scholars from Carnegie Mellon and the École normale supérieure are trying to give precise answers to those questions. And they’re taking a novel approach. They’re running a large repository of geotagged imagery from Google Street View through a proprietary algorithm and then identifying the distinctive architectural elements for each locale — the street signs, windows, balconies that make a city unique. Their experiment (all summed up in a short abstract here) covers Paris, London, Prague, Barcelona, Milan, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Paulo, Mexico City, and Tokyo.