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Junko Shimada: Paris is My Atelier

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Translation of the article

I Love Flowers:

I need flowers, like air or meals that I cannot live without them.

Photo: magazineworld.jp

There are no flower shops in the provinces in France.  People have a lot of flowers in their garden and they pick some to decorate their rooms.  For many years, during the winter when few flowers bloom, I’ve been stopping by a flower shop in Paris on the drive home to Bourron-Marlotte.

This florist’s is located on the way to my office, very convenient.  It also features various green plants and I ordered camellia in my garden.   I have bought flowers at this shop for a long time, as if it were my neighbor, without knowing that it is one of the long-established stores in Paris.

Photo: Moulié Fleurs website

I enjoy selecting flowers as I feel like on the day.  “Let’s decorate the dinner table with the blue plates with purple anemones.”  “It would be nice putting a fire into fireplace with tulips beside it.”   I don’t have flowers made into a bouquet but put the flowers in a vase as they are.

I find really beautiful in the flowers that freely bloom in nature.  I don’t think flowers are pretty when they are arranged stylistically like Japanese floral art or flower arrangement.  Field flowers are refreshing and cute with much stronger fragrance than those in a shop.  My garden looks an extension of the fields, where flowers and trees have been added more and more while I planted them as I wish.  In spring, different flowers bloom every weekend and, soon, crocuses and pansies will begin budding.

To me, flowers are one of the most important elements in my life, enriching my living and soothing my mind.  They are essential like food and air.