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How to wear Yukata (summer kimono)

This Isetan video clip demonstrates how to wear Yukata.

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Published on 5 Jul 2012 by isetankimono

Translation of subtitle:

STEP 1: Kimono

Hold both sides of the eri (long collar) in front of you and adjust the senui (a seam line at the back) to the center of your back.

Adjust the length so that the hemline of the yukata should be at your ankle.

Put your arm through the miyatsu-guchi (side opening) of the yukata and remove any sagging in the back and front of the yukata.

STEP 2: Obi

Take the obi 50 cm from the end, and put it over your right shoulder.

Wrap the obi around the waist twice.

Take the half-folded obi from your right shoulder and put it over the other, then tie the obi.

Adjust the obi to your shoulder width and fold it inside.

Make gathers at the center of the butterfly-like bow and put it on the knot.