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Japanese Fresh Sweet Shop, Loved by the Local People.  Pre-order Recommended.

Superior Japanese Fresh Sweet

Jo-Namagashi 上生菓子      Photo: web magazine “for F”

<From Japanese web magazine, For F, by Akiko Hara>
Updated with the version edited by a native speaker, Aug. 2, 2012

The Namagashi shop, Misuzu, established in 1972, is a popular local shop in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, that specializes in Jo-Namagashi, the best-quality bean-paste sweets that are served in the tea ceremony. The varying designs on these exquisitely decorated, pastel-colored sweets harmonize with the changing seasons in Kamakura.   They look too beautiful to eat, but once you put one in your mouth the jam will melt on your tongue, beguiling you with its delicate texture and subtle taste.


Misuzu 美鈴    Photo: web magazine “For F”

The shop stands at the end of a narrow alley near Hokaiji Temple in a quiet, secluded place.  As a stranger, you may feel a little shy when you step into this locally-favored shop, but the mellow atmosphere created by its gracious owner will soon put you at ease.

In addition to Jo-Namagashi, Misuzu  also sells regular seasonal Namagashi and bean jellies, all made by hand in limited numbers.  All Misuzu sweets are basically sold by pre-order. If you are lucky you may find some for purchase at the shop; however, your best bet is to place an order in advance. If you live in and around Kamakura, you can become a member of “Amazura-kai” and get seasonal sweets delivered to your home on a monthly basis (check with the owner). It is a tasteful treat from this local favorite.